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Speed Up Wound Healing with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Step into a cocoon of recovery where pure oxygen revitalizes your body at a cellular level, accelerating wound healing, reducing inflammation, and enhancing your overall well-being.

Heal faster and more effectively

Experience the transformative benefits of a therapeutic technique that harnesses the natural healing properties of oxygen to accelerate the healing of wounds, gangrene, and infections

Speed Up Healing

Our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) supercharges your body's natural healing process, accelerating wound recovery.

Fight Infections

The oxygen delivered to your body during HBOT creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria, helping you combat infections more effectively.

Reduce Swelling

HBOT has been proven to significantly decrease inflammation and swelling, providing much-needed relief and promoting faster healing.

Grow Blood Vessels

HBOT stimulates the growth of new blood vessels around the wound, enhancing blood flow and nutrient delivery to the affected area.

Safe & Non-Evasive

HBOT is a safe, non-invasive procedure performed under the supervision of certified professionals, ensuring utmost care and comfort.

Customized Therapy

We offer personalized therapy sessions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring the optimal healing and recovery your condition requires.

Proven Effectiveness

Studies support the effectiveness of HBOT for various types of wounds, including diabetic ulcers, radiation injuries, and more.


Our advanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for your treatment sessions.

Patient testimonials

Stanley RothschildStanley Rothschild
02:30 30 Jan 24
Jessica and Kelly are great. Some of the ma's are pretty good. Only had a couple of bad experiences when bandaging my wound
M. HarryM. Harry
17:17 16 Jan 24
GoogleIf I could give one score for those who gave care and the doctors I would. The nurses,medical techs and the administrative staff would get a "3" and the minimal doctors I have had interaction with including Dr Dhillon in wound care (AZ Wound and Hyperbaric Medicine). I would at best rate a negative 4.Dr Dhillon took a biopsy on 01/04/2024 and I received a voicemail on Thursday 01/11/24 from Dr Dhillon. I returned his phone call on Friday 01/12 2024 and I spoke with Dana , his assistant, and she said that she could not give me the results and that Dr Dhillon would return my call with the biopsy results.After receiving no calls or information , I contacted his office on Tuesday 01/16/24 and Dana told me that Dr Dhillon had called me 2 times (their office go to when in actuality he hadn't called me since the message I received on Thursday 01/11/24). and proceeded to tell me the biopsy results when she could have done the same on Friday 01/12/2024
janet whiteleyjanet whiteley
13:45 19 Dec 23
Love everybody.
Sarah MatheSarah Mathe
01:01 14 Oct 23
Awesome thanks for your help!
Kathy BrockmanKathy Brockman
14:44 12 Sep 23
After having professional issues with some of Phoenix medical facilities, we whittled down medical contacts to 2. Dr. Dhillon for wound care & NP Laura Stager for primary care. Dr. Dhillon has been the best. New office staff complete the pkg.!
Rick ModdermanRick Modderman
14:22 06 Sep 23
I’ve been to approx 8 wound care clinics in different cities & states (moving due to family & job)… I’ll use the phrase for their staff ‘Y’all’s Get It!’ Their patient communication is 👍! I feel they are working ‘with me’ rather than ‘at me’. All the best, Rick😀
LaRhonda WoodLaRhonda Wood
13:54 23 Aug 23
These ladies have been nothing but kind and caring. Very special shoutout to the Jessica’s thank you very much for being so generous. You two are amazing. I recommend this office to anyone.
William StandenWilliam Standen
01:13 23 Aug 23
Excellent patient care. You won't be sorry!
Emma KrupaEmma Krupa
22:54 16 Aug 23
Great staff and providers. Made me feel welcome and cared about personally. Took wonderful care of my wound and helped me to know how to treat it on my own. Spent time to educate me on any topics or questions I had, and discuss any of my concerns related to my wound and possible underlying issues.Thank you AZ wound❤️
robin cardillorobin cardillo
23:11 11 Aug 23
AZ Wound has been amazing. Very professional and the way they made us feel so comfortable you can see how much they care. They have taken us step by step on my care and how to take care of my wound at home. Jessica, Jess, Kelly and Francis have gone above and beyond. I would recommend AZ Wound to anyone who needs help.
Joel CohenJoel Cohen
19:26 08 Aug 23
As an on again off again wound care patient I am thrilled to have discovered AZ Wound!!! The staff is beyond amazing, knowledgeable,friendly, dedicated team of professional wound care experts who involve the patient in the decision making of their individual care!I highly recommend them for their forward thinking patient involved treatment!Joel CohenMesa,AZ.


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Entertainment system for your viewing pleasure during your treament

Plenty of Room

Spacious large diameter cylinder

Easy Access

Single handed door lock


Precision controls and display for easy viewing by a technician

Always Available

Convenient private two-way communication system

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